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Originally posted here. I had only seen a couple of episodes at the time, and definitely not the finale, so I've cleaned it up a little to fall sometime between 1.23 and 1.24.

Desperate Measures, Chin/Steve, PG, Bad guys made them do it.

Usually, Chin views McGarrett with the utmost respect. The man has a reckless streak, but it's usually tempered with a healthy dose of common sense, an overabundance of skills, and uncanny preparedness.


But ever since the explosion and subsequent exposure to Sarin that had nearly killed Danny, Steve's common sense and preparedness are MIA, leading to their current, offensively cliched predicament: hiding from a pack of Yakuza goons in a cramped, dark closet.

It's all Chin can do to shove his hands as deep into his pockets as he can to keep from throttling him. It was purely by luck that Chin had realized what Steve was up to - reconning the compound with no backup, not a word to any of them - and had gotten there just enough ahead of the gang’s hit squad to drag him into the nearest hiding place.

There's not enough room for Steve to pace, and he's nearly vibrating with the stress of the forced stillness, and Chin wonders if he's even sat down aside from driving since the explosion. None of them have, really.

But when Steve's vaunted SEAL training completely fails and he starts muttering imprecations about their predicament - the same predicament his bull-headedness had gotten them into - it's only the thought that in this small space, the bullet could ricochet back on him and then they would both be possibly dead and discovered for sure that prevents him from reaching for his sidearm.

So Chin does the only non-violent thing that occurs to him, and grabs Steve by the shoulders and jerks him down to kiss him, short and hard. He thinks about grabbing Steve's ears to help get his point across, but feels him freeze in shock and turns him loose and steps back instead.

Steve doesn't move again until much later, until the sounds of Wo Fat's men leaving have died away and they cautiously make their way out.

Chin's getting ready to climb into his car when Steve calls out to him. "Chin." He pauses, looking mildly chagrined. "Thanks."

Chin tips his head in acknowledgement, then heads off to HQ.

They never speak of it again.



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